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How to find the island?

Tobago is the sister island of Trinidad, and can be found to the south of the Caribbean island chain. The islands connected by multiple ferry trips and flights on a daily basis. If you reach to Trinidad it is easy to find your way to Tobago.


Therefore persons can access paradise via flights from major international cities such as London, Toronto, Frankfurt, Miami and New York. 

What to know when visiting Tobago?

This small island destination is big on rustic charm. There is not a lot of commercial development and thus you can be sure to become lost in natural, tropical beauty and not lines and crowds. While the environment encourages relaxation there are still plenty of activities. Throughout the year there are varying cultural and sporting events such as  - 

  • Carnival and Easter Goat Racing early in the year

  • Heritage Festival in the summer

  • Blue Food Festival and Cycling Classic late in the year


It is always a good time to visit Tobago and experience something new. When one visits they should note that basic safety measures should be applied. While Tobago can be considered a safe place with a relaxed atmosphere one must not be complacent.


The main currency used on the island is the local Trinidad and Tobago dollar however, United States Dollars are widely accepted and there are several ATMs across the island which dispense local currency with cards from Visa or Mastercard.

Learn more about Tobago and our special offers




  • Cruise & Beach BBQ

  • Bio-luminescence Tour

  • Scuba/Snorkel

  • Fishing Trip

  • Water Activities -

                 Kayak/ Paddle board/

                 Wind surf/ Jet Ski​


(Essentially Tobago)

  • Island Excursion

  • Buccoo Reef Trip (Nylon Pool)

  • Sunday School Lime (Hang-out)

  • Waterfall & Cocoa Estate Tour

  • Little Tobago Hike/Snorkel



  • Rainforest Hike

  • Jeep/ ATV Tour

  • Horseback Ride (Beach)

  • Bird Watching Tour

  • Off Road Bike Ride

Tours are subject to availability. They are typically 2 to 6 hours in duration and vary in terms of pick-up and gear required. A training session option is available for water activities such as paddle boarding and wind surfing.


Detailed information is provided with each booking request. However, we are happy to provide information about the tours listed at any time.

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Tobago has extensive property options for boutique hotels, small guesthouses and rental properties. Visitors can take their pick from quaint seaside spaces to luxurious villas boasting of stunning views of the lush tropical landscape. With your CRYSTAL ISLAND PACKAGE we provide you with 3 or 4 quality options based on your package type, dates of travel and the key features you desire.


While we cannot confirm your stay until payments are made we encourage you to contact us to see some of your options. Even if you are just a bit curious about what Tobago has to offer... JUST ASK! We never hesitate to share our favorites!